What Did You Say?: An Unexpected Journey Into The World of Hearing Loss

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Nothing prepared Monique Hammond for her own sudden hearing loss, and her questions to medical professionals often left her with more questions than answers. What Did You Say? is the book she wishes she had when she was coping with and trying to understand her own hearing loss.


What Did You Say? is an introduction to ear disorders and hearing loss. It is meant to provide basic, yet necessary information to a broad audience - people who deal with hearing loss of their own, those who want to understand the challenges that loved ones with hearing issues face, and those who are simply curious. The author also shares her own experience with sudden left-sided deafness and equilibrium problems. Young people will be sure to obtain revealing insights into the truths and struggles of hearing loss, which might convince them to become inspired to save and protect their ears.

Author Monique Hammond points out that she is not a professional hearing specialist, so her first important message is that people who experience any ear-related symptoms ''must consult their physician or ear specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment.'' From there, she provides organized, easy-to-understand facts and details that enable readers to have educated discussions with their medical professionals. Weaving together her own experiences with a wealth of information, Hammond's wisdom and insights are invaluable, and her story is one that needs to be shared.

[Monique E. Hammond; (2012) 359 pages; soft cover]

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